Multi-disciplinary graphic designer who meticulously designs brand identities and illustrations.

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Ekin Ergok is a Graphic Designer based in Brooklyn, NY, specializing in branding, illustration, packaging, and digital/print design. He studied Graphic Design at Pratt Institute and Mimar Sinan University and has 9 years of experience working with hospitality and fashion brands.
Currently, Ekin is a Sr. Graphic Designer at &LANA, where he continues to use his creative skills to deliver design solutions.

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A Premium Hospitality Concept

New York - 2020


Created branding –logo, tone, identity– packaging, printed & digital assets.
Designed an engaging ordering website and app for Apple Store and Google Play.
Developed strategic partnerships with Reb Bull, Grubhub, BackMarket, and Sacsix to create engaging experiences.
Designed the investor pitch deck and presentations that won the company's new investors.
Designed the interior (including icons, wall arts, lighting, pillow case illustrations, menu boards, decorations, floor, and wall materials) & exterior (including the signage, awnings, lighting, and window icons) of the store locations worldwide.


This project was to create a genuine and eye-catching brand identity for the luxe QSR concept. The logo and color palette is designed to evoke a bold street art style look and feel, while the brand messaging emphasizes quality food and fast service. The project's overall goal is to create a visual identity with all aspects that represents the brand's core values and delivers a consistent message to customers.


Zazzy's Pizza is a premium hospitality concept whose innovative brand is fast becoming a favorite for lovers of pizza, hip-hop, and the culture of creativity. Bursting on the scene in 2020 in NYC with three stores and tagged among the top ten pizza experiences in the city. Since then, Zazzy's opened new locations in Miami Wynwood, Columbia, and Bali. And it is only a matter of time before Zazzy looks to grow into a worldwide restaurant chain.

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