Multi-disciplinary graphic designer who meticulously designs brand identities and illustrations.

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Lost in Paradise

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Double D’s Dirty Dogs


Aging Young Rebel

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Brand Identity
Visual Merchandising
Web Design
Package Design
Print Design
Signage Design
Digital Content Design
Digital & Hand-drawn Illustrations


Ekin Ergok is a Graphic Designer, living in Brooklyn, New York—known for his work in identity, packaging, retail graphics, illustrations, signage, and print design.
Ekin studied Graphic Design in Pratt Institute and Mimar Sinan University.

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Private Chef + Catering Service


New York - 2022


Designed digital and printed marketing materials, including hand-drawn illustrations, menus for private events, packaging designs, and social media content.


This project was to design a Shycook branded digital and printed collateral for its catering events and design Shycook branded limited edition hot wine bottle to be sold to its private customers. To make a unique design, I've hand-drew the food illustrations with Adobe Fresco and combined them with minimalist fonts while maintaining the original Shycook logo designed by Bike Bayer. The project's overall goal is to create Shycook branded material representing the brand's core values and delivering a consistent message to customers. 


Shycook, is a private chef + catering service that brings global inspiration and fine-dining mastery to private events in and around New York City. From bespoke menu development to meticulously selected ingredients to flawless execution.



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